Mehriban Aliyeva
Author of the idea
Karabakh.Center project was created by Karabakh Revival Fund at the initiative of the First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban khanim Aliyeva.
Dear reader!

The year 2020 was genuinely historical for each and everyone who calls Azerbaijan their home.

The Victory gained by the Azerbaijani Army under the command of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev in the 44-day Patriotic War has confirmed Azerbaijan's overwhelming superiority over the aggressor. It also served as a powerful message from the Azerbaijani nation to the world that, no matter the hardships, we did not put up with injustice but came together as an "Iron Fist" to defend our national interests.

The Great Victory put an end to the long occupation of Azerbaijan's Karabakh region and offered an opportunity for returning home over one million refugees and IDPs who had fled their lands during Armenia's invasion.

Not only has the liberation of our territories helped to reveal a humanitarian catastrophe, but it also uncovered colossal destruction across Karabakh, where Armenian invaders had effectively razed to the ground hundreds of towns and thousands of houses.

This damage is not limited to material objects, historical monuments, or masterpieces of architecture.

Enormous damage was dealt to the environment, as the region suffered ruthless exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, and pollution of rivers and lakes.

Karabakh.Center project, implemented by Karabakh Revival Fund at the initiative of the First Vice-President the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban khanim Aliyeva, was created to systematize and bring the attention of a wider community to unbiased information about the causes of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and the consequences of Armenia's aggression.

Numerous materials provided by this web resource present specific examples, through which one can appreciate the vast scale of damage Azerbaijani nation's physical and cultural heritage sustained in Karabakh alongside the damage to regional biodiversity and natural resources.
More than 10,000 photos and videos of destroyed and damaged objects in Karabakh
The web-resource we present to your attention contains over 10,000 photographs and videos of destroyed and heavily damaged facilities located in the formerly occupied territories.

All these pictures and videos are available in the Urbicide section.

Here you can also take a look at hundreds of photographs of architectural monuments taken before the occupation, showing a stark contrast between the former visage of the once beautiful region and the catastrophic consequences of the Armenian occupation.
The sections Conflict and Crime bring to readers' attention some exclusive analytical materials and historical documents by professional researchers and journalists that shed light on reasons and consequences of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

The work with the content is ongoing, as it will be continuously updated and appended with new photo materials and analytics.

We will be also paying particular attention to the coverage of restoration activities in Karabakh.

Taking this opportunity, on behalf of the Karabakh Revival Fund I would like to express our profound gratitude to the author of the idea, esteemed Mehriban khanim Aliyeva - the person this web-resource would never be created without.

Our thanks also go to the state news agency AZERTAC, which has granted us access to their huge database of photographs taken in the liberated territories.

We would also like to thank state TV and radio broadcasting company AzTV for their large-scale aerial videos of destroyed facilities that will be soon uploaded to our page.

Undoubtedly, this web-resource will be in high demand with a wider audience interested in South Caucasian issues as well as with expert communities who will find it an excellent repository of interesting researches and vast original sources of information (including archive documents, books, reports etc. presented in our Library).

In conclusion, I would like to quote the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, whose phrase became the slogan of the Azerbaijani people: "Karabakh is Azerbaijan. And an exclamation mark!"

Best regards,

Rahman Hajiyev

Chairman of the Executive Board of Karabakh Revival Fund
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